“Melted is a surprisingly musical mixture of garbage burrito-fueled sonic mayhem that has air-kicked, screamed, and that-thing-Justin-does-where-he-shakes-like-an-epileptic-seizure-while-singing-ed across the OC punk scene.
After sleeping through the transition to adulthood, this trio of SoCal suburban burnouts woke up on the wrong side of both the 90s and the 91 freeway and immediately formed a band out of self-defense.
Melted plays belligerently rowdy speed jams while howling angst-riddled lyrics at venues as diverse as the Observatory, the Smell, and what may have been an active crime scene in a crackhouse. They plan to tour until their untimely deaths, accidentally but unapologetically offend your political agenda, and occasionally string a few notes together.” – Dylan Buck